How to stay happy in every situation?

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Many negative situations in your life will affect your state of mind.

Many people will try to hurt you.


People are not going to change at all.

Situations are not going to change at all.

You need to change yourself.

For yourself.

You have to take out time for yourself.

When your happiness will be dependent on situations and people, then your happiness is going to fluctuate because situations are temporary. You are waiting for situations and people to be perfect but you ignored that you have the power to change how you feel. Response to people and situations is your creation and you can change your creation. You have the freedom to choose your response towards different situations. 

Choose happiness!


Make your happiness independent and stable.

How to stay happy in every situation

There are only two ways to stay happy forever:

1. If the person or situation that is affecting your happiness will change.

2. If you learn to think right in every situation.

Now you have to check which option is easier.

Is it easier that they change or is it easier for you to change your own thoughts?

In your whole day, you try the difficult option.

Happiness is not what we have, happiness is in how we think.”

You do exercise for your external body but what about your mind without which you cannot even take care of your body.

For example: If there is a baby in the cradle at the home and the mother needs to do all household work and needs to take care of that baby. She has to do both things simultaneously; taking care of the child and finishing her household work.

Baby is her first priority.

Now, while she is doing her work, if her baby starts crying, what is the mother’s going to do?

Mother will stop whatever she is doing and she will spend a minute to console and soothe her baby.

After that, she will return to her work.

Now, let us take a different situation if the mother does not take out a minute to console her baby. What will happen? The child will cry even more. This child is our mind it has been crying for a very long time.

What do you do? You ignore your mind. You are busy with your other work.

You don’t have time for your mind.

  • Initially, your mind cried a bit and you experienced tension.
  • When your mind cried a little more you experienced stress, and when it cried inconsolably you experienced depression.

The volume of your mind’s cry will continue to increase if you will not take care of your mind.

Okay! So did you understand the importance of taking care of your mind?

Regardless of negative people and situations, living a peaceful life is possible. You can make it possible by adding simple habits to your daily routine.

If you want to stay happy and stable your whole day, you have to take care of your internal mind while doing your external work.

Whenever your mind gets upset in between your day, you have to talk to him, you have to console him and answer him.

You have to sort out whatever is troubling your mind.

Moreover, for this, you have to do 1-minute meditation after every hour in your whole day. Start each morning with a sweet smile and some positive affirmations. You have to practice them for 5-10 minutes in the morning and they will work the whole day.

Tips to stay happy

Boost your happiness by simply being grateful. Start your morning by acknowledging things you are grateful for. Keep a check on small positive things around you such as birds chirp.

Trash your problems and negative thoughts. Many universities found that writing down your negative thoughts and then burning them is an effective way to keep your mind stable and relaxed.

Stay away from people who are affecting your happiness. Never compromise your happiness with anything.

Before starting any work whether it is a meeting or any program, 1-minute meditation is an effective and game-changing process.

Meditation is not a complex task. You can start with getting into nature, practicing affirmations, sitting quietly, focusing on your breath, or just counting your breath.

You have to develop a habit of creating a positive thought of your success before starting any work.

Well begun is half done.

In any difficult situation also, one-minute meditation is very much effective. Nowadays, one-minute meditation is also used in many companies to give rest to their mind.

Day by day more and more people are realizing the importance of one-minute silence and affirmations.

Positive affirmations program your subconscious mind and give birth to positivity in your life.

This one-minute meditation will charge your mind and improve your performance by raising your energy level. This one minute will work for the next 59 minutes. After every 59 minutes, you have to repeat this meditation.

You have to keep a check on your thoughts like, whenever a wrong thought comes into your mind just pause, check, and change.

This one-minute meditation works like a traffic light on the road. The role of the traffic lights is to control the traffic on the road. Similarly, this one-minute meditation role is to control your thoughts and make your mind more stable, powerful, and energetic. It helps you connect with your original self and helps you in making decisions.


The rest of the benefits you will experience yourself by adding this to your lifestyle.

Let us practice it.

Sit comfortably.

Close your eyes and relax your body, your face, your shoulders, and your neck.

Take a long deep breath.

A soothing breath.

I am breathing positive energy inside.

I am at peace.

I am calm and strong.

I am an energetic soul.

Exhale and let go.

Let go of all the negativity.

Inhale positivity.

I have good relations with everyone.

I am a healthy and wealthy soul.

All are happy and satisfied with me.

I am easy and relaxed.

My mind is pure, stable, and relaxed.

My fortune is best.

I am confident, powerful, and passionate.

I do not need anything from anyone.

I am full of peace, happiness, bliss, Purity, knowledge, and prosperity.

God is my companion.

I can deal with difficult situations very easily.

Rays of almighty supreme god are falling upon me and they are entering my body.

Keep your attention towards the golden rays.

I am getting charged with supreme powers.

These rays are healing my body and mind.

I am happy, blessed, and satisfied.

Open your eyes.

I hope this post is able to help you start your journey towards happiness and lots more. Go ahead and include all my tips in your life one by one.

Are you ready to feel happy?

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